Motor vehicle repairs: New Parts vs. Second-hand Parts vs. Generic Parts

It is a common escalated query that I receive from clients when the panel beater contacts them to advise that the insurance company has authorised them to use second-hand parts or generic parts on their motor vehicle. This causes a lot of frustration and clients often feel like the insurer is cheating them into a […]

Ombuds report: 7 most common reasons why insurance claims are rejected

The latest Ombudsman for Short Term Insurance (OSTI) Annual Report makes interesting reading from a consumer perspective, especially the insights it provides on the most common reasons for claims being rejected. The report confirms that motor, home and household policies remain the Achilles heel of the South African insurance industry from a customer perspective. These are the […]

6 Tips for a New Trustee of a Body Corporate

For a newly appointed trustee of a body corporate, it can often feel like walking into a work of utter confusion and over reaching responsibility. Here are a few tips to help you get settled into your role and help you understand how your body corporate is doing when it comes to insurance.  First Tip: Claims History  Ask your […]

5 reasons to celebrate being a local business

Sounds strange to find a reason to celebrate in the current economic crisis we find ourselves, but being a local business in South Africa where ‘local is lekker’ is testimony to who we are as South Africans.  Our supportive nature and desire to see others succeed is something to celebrate! Since the start of our […]

Body Corporates: Understanding & Managing your claims ratio

What is a claims ratio (often referred to as a loss ratio) when it comes to your Body Corporate policy? It is extremely important for a Managing Agent & the Trustees to be able to interpret this, especially when it comes time for your policy to renew and if you are re-quoting. The claims ratio […]

What is on the menu today? Lots of savings…

The restaurant & food business is possibly one of the most challenging businesses to be involved in. Food is hard to do and really hard work, but once you have that magic formula your road to success will be paved with gold. That is until COVID-19 knocked on every “open” sign and forced these hardworking […]

household contents cover

10 things you probably didn’t know your home insurance covers

When taking out home insurance or household contents cover, consumers are comforted that their personal belongings inside their homes are protected against loss or damage.  It’s those really costly items such as our furniture, appliances, entertainment systems, mobile devices, computer equipment, jewellery and clothing that drives us to take out an insurance policy but what […]

Calendar showing renewal date

Understanding your renewal premium

Your insurance policy has a renewal date which is the year anniversary of your policy.  On this date, you will receive a renewal notification which often results in an increase in premium.  The reason for this is Insurers may adjust your premium to cover changes in risk and claims-cost inflation expected over the coming 12 […]

Fuel saving myths busted

Fuel saving myths busted I remember those student days of free-wheeling down the hill to save money, which is a crazy thought in today’s times as R20 petrol used to fill your car up by at least a quarter tank which was ample petrol to get your party wagon from one destination to another. With […]

Monitoring driver behaviour – the risks vs the rewards

I was the most sceptical person when it came to Discovery Insure’s Vitality Drive monitoring system. I mean, why would I want my insurer to know exactly where I am all the time, how fast I drive, how harshly I corner, and how many taxis I beat off the mark once the robot has barely […]

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