Fuel saving myths busted

Fuel saving myths busted I remember those student days of free-wheeling down the hill to save money, which is a crazy thought in today’s times as R20 petrol used to fill your car up by at least a quarter tank which was ample petrol to get your party wagon from one destination to another. With […]

Monitoring driver behaviour – the risks vs the rewards

I was the most sceptical person when it came to Discovery Insure’s Vitality Drive monitoring system. I mean, why would I want my insurer to know exactly where I am all the time, how fast I drive, how harshly I corner, and how many taxis I beat off the mark once the robot has barely […]

How to reduce the legal costs in your estate

“Do something today, that your future self will thank you for.” ~ Sean Patrick Flannery. This isn’t one of those motivational blog posts about getting up & going to the gym a million times until you see the results. In actual fact, you will never see the results of your estate plan being rolled into […]

Winsure Insurance Brokers

Why a broker?

I often get asked ‘Why should I have a broker – surely going direct is best?’ Whenever I hear this, I often reflect on the great marketing efforts done by some insurance companies that have made consumers believe that cutting out the ‘middle man’ is best; and then how we, as consumers, are so susceptible […]

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The only way to do great work is to love what you do

I don’t regard what I do as rocket science, but I do regard what I do as life changing…sure my days don’t have me sitting around a table with doctors and scientists finding the ultimate cure to cancer, but I still believe that my work is great and I love what I do. I have […]

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Market related vs rebuild cost of my property- what should I tell my broker?

I often get asked this question when clients want to insure their structures with me. Firstly, insurance does not concern itself with the market value of your property, as this holds no bearing at all on the price it would cost you to rebuild your property. If I picked up a property from inland valued […]

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Myth Busted: Car Insurance Premiums

This is a question I get asked often at review stage. “Ryan, my car has depreciated, why is my insurance premium still the same?” asks my client. My answer is always the same. Let’s say in 2011 you purchased a Toyota Fortuner for R406 300, and you were being charged a premium of R950 a […]

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Specifying electronic items – what value is correct?

There are a few things in life that are guaranteed… Death, taxes, and a new iPhone model every 6 months. The last of these, is a frustrating by-product of a society that is fixated on the new best thing. As an insurance broker, it makes it even tougher to ensure that a client has his […]

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Is Gap cover really needed?

This question comes up way too often to be ignored. The answer is yes, yeeesssss, yeeessss, it’s an emphatic YES. For over 10 years now my family and I have never been without gap cover. I have spent roughly R24 000 in premiums over the 10 years, however I have claimed over R75 000 in that time. […]

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6 Crucial Costs for Startups

Starting a new business is one of the most exciting adventures I have ever been on. Especially when it begins to flourish. It pales in comparison to hearing the cries of my children in their first minutes of life; but like a new-born baby, once the excitement and adrenaline of this new creation wears off, […]

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