Home Contents Insurance

360 Degree Cover in Your Home

Home contents insurance provides cover not only against theft, but also against the elements such as fire and floods.

How Winsure can help?

Underinsurance is the biggest risk factor homeowners face. The average homeowner’s content is underinsured by as much as 35 percent. When a claim is received on home contents that is underinsured in the judgment of the assessor, the insurance company applies the “average” clause, which means that the homeowner is regarded as sharing the liability to the extent of the underinsurance.
It is not always easy to determine the correct replacement value of your home contents. Winsure’s personalised service will ensure your needs are well known, and therefore ensure you are correctly covered so that you shouldn’t fall into the ‘average’ clause trap.
Winsure’s personalised service is especially valuable when you consider the complexity and variety of homeowner’s insurance, which is relatively cheap to buy, but may be an enormously expensive mistake if you get it wrong due to being underinsured.

What factors influence my home insurance premiums?

  • Where you live
  • Security measures in place
  • Value of your contents
  • Structure of your home

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