5 reasons to celebrate being a local business

5 Reasons to celebrate being a local business

Sounds strange to find a reason to celebrate in the current economic crisis we find ourselves, but being a local business in South Africa where ‘local is lekker’ is testimony to who we are as South Africans.  Our supportive nature and desire to see others succeed is something to celebrate!

Since the start of our nationwide lockdown, it’s been heart-warming to hear and witness stories of locals supporting locals. Local influencers have shown their support and generosity by leveraging their robust social media presence to literally save local businesses from closing their doors.  Locals are being more selective in not only how they will spend their money but more importantly, where they spend their money.  More locals are choosing to purchase items from local businesses rather than the larger chain stores.  

We have heard stories of loyal clients continuing to financially support their local hairdressers and beauty salons even though they can’t get any appointments yet.  We have seen local restaurants being supported even though consumers are tightly strapped and a ‘take away’ is far from an essential item on anyone’s budget. Local comedians and performers have innovated to the online world and locals are supporting them through the purchasing of web tickets. All around us, we can see encouraging ways locals continue to support local.

For generations, people have been passionate about their ‘locals’. And that passion persists. If you’re a most-loved local, your followers quickly turn into your biggest fans. And their unwavering loyalty is something to celebrate!  

Here are five reasons to celebrate being a local business in SA:

  1. Your importance is recognised. You play a critical role in SA. In South Africa, SMEs comprise 98.5% of all formal businesses.  You quite literally are the blood line in your local economy!
  2. Your fans choose YOU. In today’s world where consumers are faced with more choice than ever before, it’s truly special knowing that your repeat customers keep choosing you.  With excellent customer service, customers quickly turn into fans. If you’ve managed to build up a fan base, you can celebrate the fact that you’re doing something right.
  3. You’re a vital part of the community you operate in. You’re integrally woven into the fabric of the society you operate in. You’re a hub for people to congregate at and the locale for people to pop into. South Africa’s SMEs, especially, have a special place in communities’ hearts as you share in the memories of our favourite spaza shop, salon or convenient corner-store.
  4. You have every opportunity to innovate. Now more than ever, innovation is critical for survival.  In particular, those who have viewed digital commerce as a secondary channel now need to reorient every aspect of their business towards a digital commerce mindset. There exists an opportunity to expand existing offerings and create new lines of service. Take hold of this opportunity and turn it into something special. Find ways to solve the challenges we face collectively – innovations that add value will always be in demand.
  5. You really make a difference. It sounds cliché, but it’s true. You play a powerful part in job creation. Do yourself a favour and find out how many people your employees are supporting back at home – you will be amazed at just how many people your business is impacting!

What others love is worth protecting

Celebrating your localness also means protecting what others love about you. It took a lot of hard work to grow your business and get your customers to become your biggest fans.  Don’t let life’s uncertainties get in the way of what you have built.  Winsure is a local insurance broker based on the North Coast of South Africa that protects many businesses across South Africa.  Let us help you ensure that the right cover is put in place so your fans can keep enjoying your products and services long into the future.

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