Value Added Products

360 Degree Cover Offering Additional Value

Do you have insurance for your car but still want extra financial protection to give you complete peace of mind? Winsure offers a range of value-added insurance products that you can use to add to your existing insurance policies. All our value-added products are designed to make your life that little bit easier.

Wheel & Tyre

Wheel and Tyre is a bespoke product that covers direct damage caused by a road hazard to any tyre and/or rim of your vehicle, starting at R25 a month.

Take me home

Take me home is a value added service that provides a designated driver to get you and your car home safely. This service costs as little as R15 per month.

Car Track

With a recovery rate of 94%, Cartrack offers you the most advanced stolen vehicle recovery and vehicle tracking products, combined with the most extensive vehicle tracking network available in South Africa. Car Track is the first vehicle tracking company in South Africa that offers up to R150 000 in the unlikely event that your vehicle is not recovered.

Scratch & Dent

Scratch and Dent Cover offers a repair service to restore scuffed bumpers, paint chips, light scratches, minor dents as well as Mag wheels scratches and window chips.


An Inception Value Policy is put in place in the event that your vehicle is a total loss (i.e. stolen, hi-jacked or written off). This unique product enables you to claim the value of your vehicle (at inception of the policy) as opposed to the current retail value of the vehicle at the time of a total loss situation  This gives you peace of mind that your vehicle’s depreciating value will no longer be an issue.

Excess waivers

With car insurance, you usually have to accept an excess clause, which means you have to pay a stipulated amount of any claim yourself. An excess waiver will cover you in the event of a claim, so that you don’t have to pay the excess and the insurance company will pay the claim in full.

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